Halloween Ghost Stories : Stirling Corner

Monday 18 October 2021

Halloween Ghost Stories : Who is the Ghost at Stirling Corner?

Vic Rowntree shared this tale.   He remembers his father returning home from a late shift as a bar steward, very shaken up.  His father worked at the Kings Arms at Stirling Corner.  On this particular night he walked home along his regular route by the service road next to the A1 Barnet by-pass.  When he arrived home, pale and shocked, all he would say is that he had seen a ghost.  That same month, a local newspaper published an article asking if there was a ghost at Stirling Corner.

A resident of one of the nearby cottages reported hearing a strange noise outside his home and on investigation, found a woman standing smiling beside a derelict shed.  He looked around to see if anyone else was nearby and when he turned back, she had vanished.

Perhaps someone out there can tell us more!

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