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Remembering The Gasometers

Monday 4 March 2024

For #Memories Monday this month we have a newly received shot of the Boreham Wood Gasometers taken by Peter Kirby in the late sixties or early seventies.  Standing very large against the skyline, and almost 'glowing' in the sun, they were a feature of this area for many years. Just don't ask us about the train down on the tracks - we have no idea.

Footbridge To Parkfields

Monday 12 February 2024

For #MemoriesMonday this week we are featuring some new photos we have just received. Sent to us by Peter Kirby they include some excellent shots from the early 70s taken around Borehamwood.  A couple here of the footbridge across to Parkfields by Red Road taken on a damp and misty day. Above is the entrance leading to the steps, and below the bridge itself. Would you believe we never had a photo of the bridge below.

Just A Wee Question

Monday 22 January 2024

For #MemoriesMonday here is a colourful photo discovered in our files.  The full picture shows that the Morris Dancers are behind a board advertising that 'This Entertainment is provided by Elstree  & Borehamwood Town Council'. But we are concentrating on the fancy uni-toilet behind the merry dancers. Does anyone remember this?  And where was it?  And what happened to it?!

The House By The Cinema

Monday 15 May 2023

For #MemoriesMonday this week we raid the Mary Hanson Collection again.  On her walks around Borehamwood Mary took many photos.  Here's a couple from 1975 of the front and back of the derelict house next to the Studio 70 cinema.  Now of course long gone, but whatever happened to the John E Griggs & Sons Ltd on the sign? And spot EMI over the road too.

Prince Philip's Visit To Borehamwood

Tuesday 18 April 2023

Elliotts Waiting For The Arrival Of Prince Philip

The Royal Helicopter

For #MemoriesMonday we revisit a blog post from the lockdown days when we talked about the visit of Prince Philip to Elliott Automation on 17th May 1963, nearly 60 years ago. We said then that we didn't have any photos of his visit, and that post has prompted the family of the late Roy Naish to kindly donate some photos he took.  Roy worked at Elliotts from 1961 to 1986, and these photos show the Prince arriving and meeting with Sir Leon Bagrit, the Head of Elliott Automation. Thanks again to the generosity of the Naish Family, and please note these images are greatly compressed for the website - the originals are of course in hi-definition.

The Royal Car Arrives

The Duke of Edinburgh and Sir Leon Bagrit

More Memories of Shenley Road

Monday 10 April 2023

#MemoriesMonday - awhile ago we were asked if we had any photos of the video shop in Shenley Road. And we've found one. Here is a shot of Double Vision next to Hansons in 2000. And on the other side was Khaled Balti House. Anyone got any reviews for us?  Before Tripadviser of course, so we'd love any Memories of the curries and videos.  Ideal combination for a Saturday Night, then and now.

Memories of Shenley Road

Monday 13 March 2023


Today's #MemoriesMonday features a well-known part of Shenley Road. The colour shot is from the 1970s and includes the house of the Studio Manager of the time, Mr Grossman. You can spot it in the far background. Barclays Bank and the Dutch Oven either side of Grosvenor Road.  The black and white photo is from 1984 and shows the same block of shops from a different angle. Good view of the bookies and the caff!

The Mods And The Lynx

Monday 27 February 2023

#MemoriesMonday : Sad to hear from Ray Nadler who's riding his Vespa GS on the left in this classic early-1960s Lynx photo that his pillion passenger, Jim Miller, passed away last month. Long-term friends from school, Ray and Jim went their separate ways and Jim went on to become a skilled and renowned Master Goldsmith.  He wrote The Work of a Master Goldsmith: A Unique Collection which includes photos of his many creations. Other Mods in the photo include Dave (Noddy) Smith and Keith Nolan. Does anyone know any of the other names?

Woolies Was The Best

Monday 28 November 2022

A long running store in Borehamwood since the mid 1950's, and much missed. When it first opened most products were only 6d. A bit like the pound shops now, but with better pick'n'mix. And don't forget their own record label Embassy Records with cover versions of hit songs at half the price.  Even Elton John recorded as 'Stevie Wonder' for them. What are your Woolies memories on #MemoriesMonday?

Over The Rainbow In The Wood

Monday 7 November 2022

Today's timely photo for #MemoriesMonday is another from the Mary Hanson Collection.  Showing Shenley Road with a lovely rainbow and probably taken from Hanson's shop. Note the garage and Green Shield stamps sign in the foreground and the red phone box over the road.  Because we always get the date wrong, we're leaving it to you to tell us. Mid-60s?

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