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  • Bow Bells To Borehamwood

    Bill O'Neill
    UK price £10.95

    This is the personal story of a cockney lad who knew life on the Isle of Dogs in London's Docklands during the 1930s. After the Blitz his family moved to Boreham Wood just before its expansion with post war overspill housing estates.

  • Badges Of Office

    MB Taylor & VL Wilkinson
    UK price £17.95

    An illustrated guide to the helmets and badges of the British Police 1829 to 1989

  • Borehamwood 2001

    Jon Savage
    UK price £10.95

    A pictorial history at the turn of the millennium where many of the buildings have now changed or disappeared

  • The Chocolate Elephant

    Gwendoline Page
    UK price £12.50

    Life in Borehamwood in the 20s and 30s between the wars for a young girl growing up in the Hertfordshire countryside

  • Elstree Confidential

    Paul Welsh
    UK price £15.99

    50 years of studio memories from Paul who has worked in Elstree all his life and indeed was instrumental in saving the studios in the late 80s and early 90s

  • Elstree Scout Tales

    Deborah Taylor
    UK price £10.00

    The story of Elstree’s unique connection with the pre-Scouting movement and the early Scouts of the 1st Elstree Troop

  • 1st Elstree & Borehamwood Scout Group : The First 75 Years

    UK price £2.00

    A potted history of the 1st Elstree Scout Group from 1908 to 1983

  • From Ladbroke Grove To Borehamwood

    Vic Rowntree
    UK price £10.00

    The story of a young Londoner rehoused with his family in Boreham Wood in 1952 just as the area was expanding with an influx of bombed-out Blitz survivors.  He follows Boreham Wood’s growth in the 50s and 60s

  • My Elstree Childhood

    Peter Johnson
    UK price £7.00

    Childhood memories of Boreham Wood Village life through the eyes of a small boy whose family was so greatly affected by the events of the Second World War

  • My Quest For TV Fame

    Paul Wilder
    UK price £10.99

    A light-hearted look at Paul’s quest to be on TV via game and quiz shows, and the consequences

  • Occasional Papers : One : The First World War Aerodrome At Shenley And The First Flying Heroes

    Peter Stokes
    UK price £1.75

    The story of Shenley Aerodrome and its role in the First World War

  • Occasional Papers : Two : The Birth of All Saints' Parish, Boreham Wood

    Mary Hanson
    UK price £1.75

    The story of All Saints’ Parish Church in Shenley Road, Borehamwood.

  • Occasional Papers : Three : The Beginnings Of A Parish Centre of Community in Borehamwood

    Peter Stokes
    UK price £1.75

    The story of All Saints’ Church and the growth of Boreham Wood

  • Occasional Papers : Four : Our Village Hall, Shenley Road 1926-2011

    Peter Stokes
    UK price £1.75

    The story of the original Village Hall in Boreham Wood replaced by the new library and the Elstree & Borehamwood Museum

  • Elstree Story DVD

    UK price £11.40

    A rarely seen documentary from 1952, narrated by Richard Todd, telling the story of Elstree Studios and the films, stars and background technicians

  • Elstree Studios DVD

    UK price £11.40

    The story of the six film studios in Borehamwood from 1914 onwards

  • Clapperboard Key Ring

    UK price £2.50

    Keyring in the shape of a clapperboard to celebrate the film memories of Elstree and Borehamwood

  • Red Ball-Point Pen

    UK price £2.50

    A smooth-flowing red ball-point pen engraved with the Museum's name and website

  • Cloth Tote Bag

    UK price £3.30

    A beige hard-wearing cloth tote bag for over-the-shoulder carrying shopping and books purchased from the Museum.  Features the new red Museum logo.