Object Of The Week : Q is for Queen – the Pearly variety

Monday 24 August 2020

Whilst the Museum is closed and our collections unable to be seen by visitors, we have created a weekly virtual museum with an Object of the Week feature from our collections.

Object of the Week :

Q is for Queen – the Pearly variety

This is one of a large collection of unusual hand-made paper figures made by W.H Gilby.  Mr Gilby worked as a draughtsman at BSP Industries in Maxwell Road, Borehamwood, which was founded and owned by Ivor Bailey.  BSP was home to the largest European engineering drawing office of its time.  Ivor Bailey’s name might have a familiar ring locally too because he gifted the Maxwell Park community centre to the youth of Borehamwood in 1962 and financed the building work.

Mr Gilby was Ivor Bailey’s right hand man and he made the paper figures as table decorations for the annual dinner given by BSP.  Gilby also drew this image of the old Holly Bush inn.

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