Paul Welsh’s New Book Heads To The Museum

Saturday 16 March 2019

"After all these years I am finally putting the finishing touches to my book on the MGM British Studios. Had a meeting today as we progress towards a professional book editor reviewing the contents and then the all important design stage. It will be a 'coffee table' size book with about 70,000 words and 400-plus photos, plans, etc. The idea is to publish next year to mark the 50th anniversary of the closing of MGM. It will not be an academic tome but a fond look back with anecdotes gathered over the past 50 years from the stars and staff who worked there plus facts and figures.

I have tried to mention every film and tv series shot at the studio to the best of my knowledge. The photos cover the start of building in the 30s, the wartime years, the expansion after the war, aerial photos, behind the scenes photos of stars and studio workers, etc, etc. I have avoided dwelling on such productions as 2001 and The Prisoner as there are far better books on these out there than I could ever write.

The vast majority of the photos will not have been published in a book before nor most of the interviews. This is not a money making venture for me as I will donate the profits to Elstree Screen Heritage and the Borehamwood Museum. The clock is ticking on me, as with us all, so I want to complete this rather than the material ending in a skip as an unfinished project. Wish me luck." Paul Welsh.

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