Museum History Walk

Monday 2 July 2018

Yesterday the crowds gathered at the Organ Hall Open Space for the annual Museum History Walk, the last event in the Civic Festival fortnight.  Graced by the Mayor, Victor Eni, we assembled under the watchful eye of Dave Armitage, the Museum Manager, for a two hour, 3.7 mile walk around the north of Borehamwood. 

Heading out of what was the Organ Hall estate, up Theobald Street, past the current Organ Hall farm, the Watersplash and up to Little Organ Hall (now called ‘Fields’), around 20 of us historical walkers were already heating up.  Thankfully the organisers had provided water for us, but it was a very hot afternoon.  Along the way Dave had photos of the significant points of interest, and we stopped to learn more as we went along.  Dave was ably assisted by Teddy’s Trails creator, John Cartledge, whose wealth of local knowledge certainly added to the afternoon.

After a trip under the railway line, down Tykes Water Lane, and towards the Kendall Hall estate, we went back to cross Theobald Street again and up Rossington Avenue. Wending our way back to the start via Haggerston and Aberford Parks, Croxdale Road, the Old Haberdasher’s Sports Ground, and Gateshead Road.

An excellent afternoon excursion into the history and geography of a part of Borehamwood that is rarely discussed, but which has plenty to offer us history hounds.

John, in the brown hat, and Dave, with the photo, explain the history of the Old Habs Sports Ground

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