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Going Down The Village for Christmas Food

Thursday 8 December 2016

With the festive season in mind the Reminiscence meeting this month was based on Christmas shops, food and restaurants​. As well as an interesting discussion about food eaten at Christmases past, the making and baking of pies and puddings, the thought of looking for silver threepence coins inside a pudding brought back memories. The PowerPoint  presentations showed some of the eateries that were once based in the area and also some of the former shops that sold Christmas food. To complement the session tea, coffee, mince pies were handed out.

A Visit From The Local Pack

Monday 5 December 2016

A group of 16 Guides and Brownies from the 5th Borehamwood pack visited the museum on Wednesday 23rd November in the evening. They were very interested in the museum cash register, handling pre-decimal money and weighing out sweets.  Lynda Marshall and Dave Armitage discussed what we were doing at their age, and illustrated this by the use of photographs. The museum tour was conducted ty Lynda Parkin.

Our Monksmead Friends Visit Us

Friday 25 November 2016

In November two classes from Monksmead School visited the museum. Great fun was had by all using the old-fashioned cash register , handling pre-decimal coins and weighing out 2oz of sweets in Hanson and Maud’s sweetshop.

The children explored the museum and both classes took part in a Curious Curator workshop, handling a range of artefacts including a Bakelite telephone and an Edwardian hot-water bottle.

In another workshop, the Year 2 children used maps and photographs to find out just how much Borehamwood had changed in a 100 years.

The younger children in Year 1 handled and played with a range of old-fashioned toys including a Diabolo and a spinning top.

Haberdasher's Aske's Visit the Museum

Thursday 24 November 2016

A class of 6th form boys from Haberdashers’ Aske’s school visited the museum on Thursday 17th November.

The visit was undertaken as part of their A-level Geography course with the aim of exploring "the developing character of a place local to your school".

As well as the museum tour, the day included interviews with people who live in the area, and a PowerPoint presentation on the changes to Borehamwood since 1940.  After leaving the museum the boys went on the explore the town and see the many changes for themselves.

Going Down The Village : Open Places, Rivers and Waterways

Wednesday 9 November 2016

The monthly Reminiscence meeting - Going Down The Village - is proving to be very popular.​ This takes place in the rear hall at 96 on the first Thursday of each month.

The topic for November was Open Places, Rivers and Waterways.  18 visitors brought memories of their time at Aldenham Lake, and also the water splash in Theobald Street, as well outings to Meadow Park. This was supported by 25 photos on a PowerPoint presentation. These showed many views of Borehamwood through the ages, including the construction of Aberford Park, the sewage farm in Eldon Avenue and the aqueduct at the Brickfields.

The photos generated quite a discussion on dates and time for the various locations. The meeting is aided by free tea and biscuits.  Next month we’ll be discussing Restaurants and Christmas Food.

October's Down The Village

Tuesday 11 October 2016

At this month’s meeting of Going Down The Village our regulars reminisced about Health and Old Time Remedies. Do you remember taking cod liver oil or having your chest covered with Vick if you had a cold? Want to get rid of a boil, then heat the spout of a bottle and place it over the boil. As it cools the boil burst! Painful, but apparently effective. BUT DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!!

It was 5 shillings to see a doctor and many families paid into an insurance to cover the cost. So many home remedies were of importance because seeing a doctor was expensive for many families.

In November we will be looking at Open Places, Rivers and Waterways.


Wednesday 28 September 2016

The Friends of the Museum met last night for an entertaining and illuminating talk by Fred Thomas.  Fred ran the Boreham Wood ironmongers in Shenley Road for over 50 years and was a regular fixture in The Village. 

The evening was introduced by the Mayor Clive Butchins and Museum Manager Dave Armitage, and then the event organiser, Maureen Corman, proceeded to prompt Fred’s fascinating journey through his life from Stanmore to Keele to Kenilworth and back to the Boreham Wood shop.  A video shot just before Fred retired and closed the shop in 2000 revealed both his depth of hardware and d-i-y knowledge, and his depth of stock, not to mention his knowldege of the area and his loyal customers.  Now of course we have to buy screws and nails in packs, but then you could buy them by weight, and Fred could help you with whatever your current project needed.

The evening was rounded off with drinks, nibbles, and a raffle, and Friends could visit our Down The Shops Exhibition.  If you would like to join The Friends please visit their page on this website for full details.

Maureen, Fred and Dave

Remembering those post-war years

Tuesday 6 September 2016

After a summer break, Going Down The Village, resumed its monthly reminiscence meetings in September. Our topic this month was post-war development of Borehamwood. The memories ranged from the new houses built by the London County Council and by Elstree Rural District Council, to Princess Margaret laying the foundation stone of St Michael’s Church.

The topic for next month, Thursday October 6th, is Health and Old time Remedies.

Going Down The Village in July

Saturday 9 July 2016

Our theme this month was Homes and Interior Design from the 1920s to the 1980s. Our memories ranged from butler sinks and kitchen ranges to psychedelic wallpaper, lava lamps, Ercol furniture and flying ducks on the wall. One of our regulars remembered making the very ducks!

Our next meeting is on Thursday Sept 8th: 'Post-War Development'. Do you remember the  LCC houses being built in the 1950s? do you still live in one?

Come along and join us, bring your memories and pictures if you have any. All welcome.

A Walk Back In Time

Monday 4 July 2016

Dave Armitage and John Woolston from the Museum lead the intrepid walkers round the east side of Boreham Wood on this years History Walk – the 10th would you believe.  Starting from the Ark, and taking unfamiliar paths and passages, we travelled via Well End, over a suspected Roman road, down and around the MGM studio site to Elstree Way and the large number of industries that have come and gone along this area. At every significant point we could examine old photos of the area which brought the history alive.  Dave pointed out that this end of the town was originally three farms and all the roads that linked them were just paths and tracks. We ended up in Maxwell Park and the Community Centre, via the original drover’s road from the farms to The Village. An excellent walk, and no one complained of aching feet!

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